Whether chassis, drive unit or mast – each electrical and mechanical component on a fork lift truck must function perfectly in order to ensure a smooth and reliable working process and ensure safety in the workplace.

Costs can be considerably reduced by continual and planned preventative maintenance of the machinery. The benefits are obvious - your fork lift truck is reliable, always ready for use, and your operators has complete confidence in the equipment they have to control. Repairs and maintenance procedures can be planned in advance to suit your operational requirements.


We offer a complete range of service options that can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. From short, medium and long term service and maintenance contracts, all options come with our no compromise level of service.

We also offer full contracts up front, that take care of all of your material handling equipment maintenance requirements, for one agreed fixed cost - including spares and labour.


Our fully qualified, experienced engineers work to dynamic and logical repair procedures for each sub-assembly on a vast range of fork lift trucks and material handling equipment. From LPG & diesel powered engines and battery powered electric motors, through to masts and chains, right up to individual electrical and hydraulic components, our collective experience gained over forty years enables us to offer professional support in all areas.

Our other service areas including testing, statutory inspection procedures and our adherence to all safety regulations makes us the obvious choice when quality, reliability and high performance must come first.

With a range of successful case studies, reference lists, and key clients across a variety of industries, we provide effective and cost efficient solutions to suit your specific requirements and budget. Located in Warrington, Cheshire, our well equipped workshops have the latest diagnostic equipment to assist in providing long lasting repairs which are equal to or exceed the original manufacturers specifications, all at a fraction of the cost. Our modern mobile service vehicles are fitted with all of the necessary tools and diagnostic equipment to identify and carry out most repairs on your premises.