Find the Right Forklift

Not everybody is a material handling expert, so please accept our layman’s guide to choosing a forklift.

Forklift Truck Types

You can break forklifts down into 5 main categories.

  • Electric forklifts – clean and quiet, they’re ideal for most applications both indoor and out. With capacities from 1000-8000kg. These machines are more compact that their engine powered relations, but they do need to be stood down for the batteries to be recharged unless spares are incorporated. The tend to be slightly more expensive to acquire but they are much cheaper to operate and maintain.

  • Gas forklifts – an engine powered machine which runs on LPG, with both indoor and outdoor flexibility as the emissions are significantly less than a diesel-powered option. They tend to have higher running and maintenance costs but they are available 24/7. Available in capacities of 1500kg to 5000kg with options on compact machines up to 8000kg.

  • Diesel forklifts – if your operation is mainly an external yard one, you need a diesel truck. Available 24/7 they can run on cheap gas oil, they are the work horse of the material handling industry. With capacities of 1,500kg to 50,000kg there is a truck for every application.

  • Warehouse and Narrow Aisle Trucks – there are many solutions for warehouse operations form the basic hand truck to the sophisticated VNA machines that will work in aisles of 1800mm lifting loads to 16M. This range covers pallet trucks, stackers, reach trucks, VNA trucks both man up and down, articulated vehicles, all working in VERY tight spaces. The choice allows you to maximise your warehouse storage space.

  • 4 Way Trucks and Side loaders – this is the perfect solutions for handling in the main long loads in both outdoor or indoor spaces that need manoeuvrability and flexibility of storage