Combilift – A match made in the Warehouse

At 40 years old and counting, you’d expect absolute confidence and in-depth knowledge when it comes to forklift hire, and over that time we’d like to think we’ve learnt a thing or two about forklift trucks.

Ask any of our clients, and they’ll tell you that HGW understand the challenges their customers face when it comes to warehouse logistics. We’re not bragging here; it’s just that we know our stuff!

That’s why when it comes to forklift hire or leasing, we recommend with absolute confidence a specific type of forklift truck…

The good old Combilift.

The answer to life’s problems

If only life were that simple. However, when it comes to warehouse logistics, Combilift generally answers most questions we ask our customer’s such as:

  1. What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to loading?
  2. What’s stalling your productivity?
  3. What’s preventing your warehouse efficiency?

Without sounding like a sales rep for Combilift, it’s fair to say that these machines offer the ultimate in innovation, efficiency and accuracy. 

Now we’re not glaring down the banks at other models, and each have their merits, but since this is a blog about Combilift we’ll continue bigging them up! 

Built to last

Combilifts are built to stand rigours of time and long load lifting. Offering outstanding manoeuvrability, they’ll happily glide down the narrowest of aisles, sideways, forwards, and backwards – it doesn’t matter what direction, they’ll gladly oblige. Its versatility personified.

They can also go through the gears when you need them too, particularly if you’re on a prominent site and if it sounds like we’re describing an elite athlete here, and we’re not – but – they do have fantastic stamina.

Last but not least, with their integrated load-bearing platforms, you’ll have perfect stability during transport too.

Industry uses

Combilifts are ideal for several industries, and we’ll break down a few for you here – we’re helpful like that:


Combilifts are the perfect machine for this industry. With double handling and secure transfer of product from trailer to racking, they’re a natural choice. Long loads don’t have to be awkward loads anymore.


Meet your customers’ needs more efficiently by managing your loads with more haste, less speed. With sideloader forklifts, you’ll have the flexibility to manage more loads in less time.


If you want to reduce overall handling, work inside and out without interruption, increase storage density and increase cost-efficiency, then there’s only one solution. Do we need to say it?

Trust us; we’re HGW

Ever since Harry Wood started this business over 40 years ago, our motto has always been the same:

‘Invest in our people, and they’ll invest in our clients.’

With a track record to be proud of and an ever-growing customer base, you can trust us!

When capacity is definitely king in the warehouse and broader logistics industry, we can honestly say that Combilift will give your business the efficiency you need to invest in your clients.

So, if you were in forklift pickle before you read this, we hope you’re now a little more enlightened. We’re a friendly bunch at HGW and we love to talk – contact us, and we’ll happily advise you through your current warehouse conundrum.