HGW and the environment – part 2

Carrying on our ‘green’ theme this month we’d like to take a very brief look at sustainability. 

You be forgiven for asking for a definition of sustainability at this point so I’ll happily provide you with one – put simply; sustainability is a business approach that looks to create longevity by operating in the ecological, social and economic environment. Living at a time when consumer expectations are being stacked against corporate responsibility, then we have a duty to act accordingly to these rising expectations.

Corporate responsibilities

So what does the corporate response to these rising expectations look like?

Well, here’s a few examples of companies who’ve stepped up to the plate by delivering a sustainable business approach:

  1. Adidas, that mighty sportswear colossus, have created a greener supply chain, targeting in particular the use of plastic bags. 
  2. Another sportswear giant, Nike have focussed on minimizing its footprint by reducing waste. 
  3. The chocolate supergiant, Nestlé, has focussed its attention on product life cycle, climate, water efficiency and waste.

These are just a few examples of major companies who’ve adopted a committed sustainable business model, tapping into the social consciousness and the very real issues brought to the fore by leading environmentalists. 

Momentous task?

Protecting our world can sound like an unfathomable, gargantuan and frankly impossible task! However, imagine throwing a big stone into the middle of a very calm lake. Now stay with me on this one – imagine the ripples of water spreading out to all four corners of this imaginative lake and as they do, they get wider and wider and more encompassing as they expand. Well, similarly if every company adopted a sustainable business approach then our societies would see in a very real sense, these ripples of change and environmentally friendly progression for the better.

Our commitment

What of HGW? We’re a family company who believe in community. Believing in community means believing in sustaining it for future generations. That’s why we now offer green alternatives when it comes to hiring or buying a forklift or pallet truck. 

Here’s some of our environmentally friendly options:

  1. Electric Forklift Trucks

Like electric cars you won’t hear this fume-free, environmentally friendly wonder as they’re battery operated which means that noise is reduced drastically. 

It’s a cheaper option than using our gas operated fleet and we think they’re easier to drive. They’re also good for your budget too, as the general maintenance and servicing cost of these trucks is significantly less than other options. 

  • Gas Forklift Trucks

Our LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) are extremely popular forklift trucks, largely due to their competitive pricing and multi-usage options. Unsurprisingly they’re much more environmentally friendly than their diesel cousins. They’re also quieter and with parts readily available, they’re easier on your purse strings! 

  • Pallet Trucks

Although our pallet trucks are small in comparison to their forklift relatives, they’re extremely durable, easily operated and manoeuvrable. Our range of electric trucks gives you a wide choice and an easy conscience when considering the environment and not to do ourselves out of a few bob, they cost a lot less than a forklift truck too! 


‘Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.’

This quote form George Bernard Shaw might seem a little forthright but nevertheless it’s also very true. When talking about sustainability, change is required. If we don’t look at the issues affecting the world around us and respond accordingly, then we won’t be able to progress. Simple. 

So make a change today and contact our sales team for more information on our green range of forklift trucks for hire/sale. Don’t forget that green is the new yellow and it’s never too late to begin your sustainable journey….