HGW and the environment – more than an affair!

‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. 

Who’s heard of that saying before? Perhaps you’ve seen an internet advertisement with the phrase emblazoned across a half-eaten tomato or perhaps you’ve heard a celebrity chef harp mention it on the telly? It’s a strap line that’s been consistently used across all media since its conception in the 90’s. 

Ahhh the 90’s, now that was a decade of simplicity – with baggy trousers, indie music, dodgy haircuts, florescent t-shirts, and Kappa sports gear (anyone remember Kappa?). Dodgy fashion and awesome music aside (Stone Roses must get a mention) – it was a decade where all talk of climate change and environmental catastrophes seemed very remote. Perhaps it was something that might affect our children’s children but us? Nah! Fast forward to the present and in 2019 the reality is a lot closer wouldn’t you say? Crazy weather patterns, the mingling of seasons to the point of wearing t-shirts at Christmas instead of woolly jumpers and coats (this is actually true – it was 15º on Christmas Day 2017). 


So what this doomsaying have to do with HG Wood? Well quite a lot actually! Before we go on to discuss HG Wood, here’s what other companies are doing to address some of the major issues our society is facing.

Take Aldi, everyone’s favourite discount supermarket (the aye’s have it!) – according to the Retail Gazette, in July 2019 Aldi announced that it will be extending a trial to remove singular plastic use on items such as fresh vegetables. This one initiative, once rolled out over its 830 UK stores will save up to 100 tonnes of plastic a year! Yes you read that right! 100 tonnes!

It’s not just Aldi who are looking to change the way they operate but plenty of leading companies are beginning to wake up and realise that climate change is a real issue. Companies such as Lush are becoming increasingly dedicated to eco-friendly practices and in turn offer incentives to their likeminded customers. For example they’ll offer free products to customers who bring in empty packaging for recycling. 

Plastic bricks?

Back in 2014 The Guardian wrote an article on how communities in Guatemala and South Africa used plastic bricks as building material. Plastic bricks? Yes, this ingenious, inspirational and regenerative campaign looked to solve the surplus plastic by packing plastic bottles full of non-biodegradable waste as tightly as possible, thus producing the ‘EcoBrick’. Some 38 schools have been built in Guatemala using these techniques! 

Our commitment 

Now then what of HG Wood?  

Well in case you didn’t know green is the new yellow and in the parlance of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ we:

  • Refurbish used forklift trucks – reducing waste to landfill and reselling at a cheaper price
  • Reuse – reconditioning and getting more usage out of selected vehicles
  • Recycle – reworking and recycling parts, ensuring they meet manufacturer specification

Take a look at our 8 point programme – our very own green crusade:

  1. Selection

We carefully select used forklift trucks that have been maintained to the highest standards from new.

  • Inspection

The lucky vehicle then receives a rigorous 100 point mechanical, bodywork and consumable test and inspection.

  • Stripping

The selected vehicle is then stripped and cleaned.

  • Repair

All defects are replaced or repaired with OEM parts (naturally).

  • Paint /shop

Now it’s time for a recoat – the body work is stripped, repaired and repainted to manufacturer specification.

  • Replacement

Now it’s time for tyres, brakes and fluids to be replaced to manufacturer specification.

  • Warranty

Our bright, shiny and fully refurbished trucks are all supplied with our IMPACT standard three month parts and labour warranty.

  • Result

If you’re after hiring one of our fork lift trucks you may consider our clean, lean, green, fume-free electric vehicles which are completely free of harmful emissions. Being battery operated, you’ll also be saving on noise pollution too!

Trees of Green

So if you like trees of green, red roses too, skies of blue and clouds of white, forklift trucks that are efficient and bright, then join us in saving this wonderful world….(now there’s a song in there somewhere!)

Remember, remember – ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.’ 

Make Louis Armstrong proud and contact our sales team today for more information on refurbished forklifts for hire/sale and don’t forget our electric options! Green is the new yellow and your green journey begins now….