Leasing your next warehouse solution

What do you know about leasing?

Well, if you can spare us 5 minutes, we’ll try and summarise its history. We’ll also endeavour to convince you that leasing could be the ideal solution for your business by introducing the king of forklifts. 

Historic note

Before we divulge who the ‘King of forklifts’ is, we’ll begin at the beginning – ‘leasing’ as a concept has been around for years, particularly when it comes to cars. Indeed, in the United States, leasing has been around since 1914, introduced by a gentleman called Zollie Frank. Though Frank wasn’t the architect of 20s American consumerism, he certainly enabled it to thrive! Indeed by the late 1940s/early 50s, most households plugged into the latest gadgets and climbed into a brand new car. 

How was this possible when the rest of the world was struggling to overcome a war-ravaged economy? Well, historians will argue that there were many factors. However, most will agree that the availability of brand, spanking new technology made ‘affordable’ by leasing and credit contributed to a surging post-war economy.

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Over on these shores, leasing is a relatively new concept. Always the last person to turn up at a party, Britain didn’t buy into the idea until the 1990s. Even then it had to take a financial crisis for leasing to gain any traction over here. By 2014, after years of steady growth in the broker contract hire market, car lease figures were up by a whopping 40%.


So all of this talk of leasing – what does that have to do with HGW? 


King of the warehouse

Well, quite a lot! Now that you know a bit about the history of leasing, did you know that WE also offer leasing type deals? 

We understand the market as well as any leading car company and know that good King Combilift forklift truck doesn’t come cheaply. So make an educated guess at what’s an affordable way of getting your hands on a Combilift steering wheel.

Now, allow us a moment to indulge in the ‘King of forklifts’…

A Combilift forklift truck is a magnificent specimen; it was the world’s first IC engine-powered all-wheel-drive, multi-directional forklift trucks. If you didn’t know these gorgeous trucks were a counterbalanced forklift/side loader, then where have you been over the last 12 years?  

Now, you might be questioning our gushing tone when describing a Combilift – why croon over what is essentially a piece of warehouse equipment? Well if you’ve used one of these multi-directional, space-saving, designed with long loads in mind, hybrid wonders, you’d understand why! The best thing – we’re breeding them here at HGW!

Introducing George – lease hero

If you’re eager to get your hands on a lease option, we’ll forgive you if you’d prefer to stop reading here and cut to the chase – click on this link and bon voyage.

If you’ve fallen under our literary spell, then carry on reading as we begin to discuss the finer points of JRR Tolkien and his impact on modern-day society. 

Just kidding!

Yes, we do have Combilifts available for leasing. Moreover, if you’re anything like George, you’ll not regret opting for a lease.

George, who’s real name we can’t divulge, is a customer who realised that a conventional counterbalance truck wasn’t ideal for his warehouse. He did some research and found out about the existence of a Combilift forklift truck. 

Happily for George, he knew who to ask when in the throes of a forklift truck crisis. We quickly made arrangements for a lease of a Gas powered Combilift – 4 ton 6-meter lift and George had a Combilift truck operating in his warehouse within a week. 

George has since had his picture added to his companies ‘wall of fame’. Top man.

Ask us; we’re here to help!

If you think leasing could be the ideal way for you to get your hands on a beautiful Combilift then contact us, we’re always happy to help out where we can. Moreover, with our team of experts, we’ll have you set up with a machine that fits your specifications – even if it’s not a Combilift. We’re flexible, and we’re here to help! 

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