Winter Is Coming

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll know that winter isn’t welcome, and while Westeros might have reason to dread winter, we’ll give you a few hints and tips, so you don’t have to. 

Shorter days and longer nights

Winter means shorter days and longer nights, not everyone’s classic combination by any stretch. What’s more, you’re very likely to encounter some pretty foul weather too, which won’t help visibility an awful lot. 

Naturally, visibility is vital when operating your truck. So very helpfully, we’ve prepared some recommendations for you this winter, to help keep you safe:

  1. It’s darker later and earlier and if there’s some bad weather about, let’s face it, daylight doesn’t often get beyond ‘gloom’. So, make sure you check the warehouse has adequate lighting and replace lighting that hasn’t been working since Noah was a boy. Sounds obvious. It is, and it’s essential. 
  2. Never drive your forklift without removing ice, mud, snow, frost to begin with. Again, we think this is relatively obvious, but you’d be surprised. 
  3. Make sure you check that the wipers and lights on the forklift are functioning correctly. If you’re driving it, it’s your responsibility. 
  4. If it’s snowing outside, don’t be a plonker and drive in your t-shirt. Wrap up warm. When you’re comfortable you make better judgments. 
  5. Pedestrians working in areas where forklifts are in operation MUST wear high visibility clothing. It’s obvious, but surprising how often this one isn’t enforced. 

Be prepared

We all know about icy roads in winter, but what about heavy rain. With the recent floods across parts of the country, we know that extreme weather of any kind can change the operating surface that you’re driving on. When forklift manoeuvrability is compromised, there can be issues. 

Here’s some handy advice:

  1. First things first, make sure you use grit as a preventative, particularly on vulnerable surfaces. Have a can of de-icer available to get rid of any stubborn ice on the windscreen of your truck
  2. Sounds simple but be mindful of areas near outside doorways or sloping parts of the floor. Pooled water in icy conditions usually equals ice. Be careful. 
  3. Any speed awareness tutorials will inform you about stopping distances and how wet weather can adversely affect them. It’s no different if you’re operating a forklift. Where necessary, increase your following distance. 

Less haste, more speed

It’s not often we get a good snowfall in Warrington and the surrounding parts of the North West. However, if we did, and let’s not forget there’s plenty of other area’s that do, you should be mindful of resting snow and ice on the forks of your truck. 

We recommend that on a cold day, snow or not, you allow the forklifts hydraulics to warm up a little first. Doing so will improve their functionality.

Here’s some HGW basics:

  1. Make sure that snow and ice is cleaned off the forklift before picking up a load.
  2. Reduce your speed when transporting loads and cornering – less haste, more speed. It’s an old proverb, but a sage one!
  3. Don’t tilt your forklift until the load you’re stacking is almost in position.

And that’s it. If you follow our helpful hints and tips, you won’t fall foul of winters curse, and though it’s coming you needn’t fear it like House Stark (sorry, another Game of Thrones namedrop).

The best thing about winter is that spring follows on behind it. 

Forklift Services, Ready When You Are

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